LeFrancis welcomes his computer friends!

Dear computer friends,

LeFrancis warmly welcomes you on this very professional website! After cklubbing very hard until the sunrise, I came up with this idea…

Why such blog?

I often get tons of message of people asking me many questions like:

  • LeFrancis, how can I be pro at life and at computer like you?
  • What is the best time to go cklubbing?
  • I raged so hard that I broke 3 monitors this month, how can I calm down and own noobs?

And more… Well, fear not my friends. I will write on a weekly basis about those issues and make sure you fix your problems! Moreover, I hope I can bring some activity on our very old game W:ET.

What will we find in here?

Different stuffs related to computer gaming and some IRL content. It includes:

  • Some interview with interesting people
  • e-Drama coverage
  • Serious gaming
  • Real life tips
  • Tournaments

Stop now you’re not funny LeFrancis!

If you don’t understand the great french humor, it’s not my fault. Nevertheless, you can eat some blue cheese with baguette everyday it may affect your sense of humor for the best! Besides, I and my friends from follow.et, take computer things very seriously. We’re not here to joke around.

So when will you post?

Atleast, once a week on Sunday. So, the ones who have been playing the whole night on Saturday can enjoy some content in the morning. This place is still under construction but it should be better looking week after week!

Enough talking.

Finally, you can find our last Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory documentary featuring some of the best players back in 2017. In fact, we sent our professional e-Journalist Potty to cover the event. One year after, we release this movie and we hope that you will enjoy this video with a good bear or some popcorns!


That’s it for today, feel free to share this exclusive content with your e-friends (if you have some LOL) and I will see you soon!

Frenchly yours,



Owning noobs during the day, cklubbing with the ladies at night. I'm pro at life.


    • Moro mun kaveri. It’s pretty easy as long as you can pronounce “R” sound. You just have to imagine that you have something in your throat that you want to spit out. Hope it helps!

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